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2013 Parade of Homes

Get the inside-view of today's Montana Lifestyle.

From floor plans and flow to the tiniest detail of cabinet hardware, we have a tour of homes that will sur­round you with all the options avail­able to express your personal style.

The Parade of Homes provides a special opportunity for you to immerse yourself in countless choices of comfort, function and carefree living. Experience each home with all your senses; touch the counter tops, take in that new home feel, sink in the cushion of the thick carpeting beneath your feet and experience the flow of a well-designed home. Each home is fully decorated, finished from top to bottom, and presented for you to enjoy.

Today’s home design is about the way you live now and the way you plan to live tomorrow. Come and meet the builders, talk with contractors and suppliers, ask questions, get answers, and start planning!

Start your tour at any Parade home for this ultimate opportunity to view these amazing homes and define what luxury is for you. Casual and relaxed near-town living, year-round outdoor recreation, fine dining or private oasis, these homes are some of the most desirable and beautiful real estate in the valley.

Whether you want your home to provide relaxation and refuge, enhance your quality of life, allow time for the important things in your world, or provide space to share with friends, touring these homes will help you decide what’s important to you so your own home can express your personal style and identity. Discover your inspiration.



Our members will help you love your home!

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Helpful Hints & What To Know Before You Go.

The Homeowners along with hundreds of industry professionals have taken great care to present this incredible opportunity. Here are some helpful suggestions to ensure we all protect and care for these homes:


REDEEMING YOUR VOUCHER: Be sure to bring your voucher with you when you start your tour. At your first Parade home, check-in at the ticket table and exchange your voucher for your choice of 1 Family Passport (2 adults, 2 children) or 4 Individual Passports. Remember: Children 2 and under can attend the Parade of Homes for free.


STARTING YOUR TOUR: This is a self-guided tour. You can decide which home to start with and the route you would like to take in order to tour each home. Feel free to visit homes more than once, but remember, many of these homes are privately owned and this is the only weekend they will be open to the public.


PARADE OF HOMES MAGAZINE: When you arrive at your first Parade Home, be sure to pick-up a Parade of Homes magazine – the official guide to the Parade of Homes with pages of details about each of the homes and the builders.


PARKING AND NEIGHBORHOODS: Signs will direct you to areas for parking. Consider where and how you park, be sensitive to noise and walk on pavement, side­walks or designated travel routes.


TO ENTER THE GRAND PRIZE DRAWING: When you arrive at each home, check-in at the ticket table and be sure to get your passport stamped to show that you have toured that home. If you get a stamp at every home, you are eligible to enter the Grand Prize Drawing of a $1,000 Shopping Spree to any Flathead Building Association member. Once you get all the homes stamped on your passport, fill out the information on the back of the passport and drop it in the Grand Prize entry boxes at any of the homes.


ADMISSION: Attendees will be admitted at the official Parade hours with a purchased ticket. The Flathead Building association reserves the right to refuse admission to the Parade or parts of the Parade to any person, or to require a person already admit­ted to leave. Groups of more than 10 should coordinate a tour with the Building Association Office.


BOOTIES: Booties will be provided to you at the first home you tour and must be worn over your socks each time you enter a home and removed as you leave. A bag will be provided to carry shoes.


BAGS AND PARCELS: You may be asked by Parade of Homes staff to not take a bag, case or parcel into a home. Inspections of such items may be requested at any time. Representatives re­serve the right to deal with any unattended item in such manner as seems to them best, and will accept no liability for damage which may be caused in consequence.


RADIOS, MOBILE PHONES, ETC: No playing of radios, ringtones, phones, etc., within the Parade of Homes. Usage of phones should be limited to driveways and outside the homes.


PHOTOGRAPHS: Each home is owned by someone. Look for signs allowing photos or ask permission before taking pictures.


FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES: For viewing only. Please do not sit on furniture at any time or handle furnishings in the home without expressed approval from the internal staff of the home.


BATHROOMS: Portable toilets have been provided at all homes for your convenience. Bathrooms in the home are not for public use.


CHILDREN: Children are welcome at the Parade of Homes. Please hold their hands in order to ensure the safety of the chil­dren and to protect the homeowners’ belongings.


PETS: Please no pets in the homes, neighborhoods or your car.


FOOD AND DRINK: Please no food, drink or gum on the prem­ises of or in the Parade homes.


SECURITY MONITORING: Security monitoring and recording may be in operation at some sites. Homes are being monitored for the safety and security of the home and attendees.


Questions? We’re here to help! Feel free to ask any of the Parade of Homes volunteers for assistance at any time during the tour! Look for a person wearing a nametag – we’re here to help you enjoy the tour.